Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Back again, starting with some The Old World

I haven't posted anything for over a year now. But in the background I've been doing something for my hobby and have painted a few things. With the release of The Old World I also felt like starting a small army for the game. So I started painting some dwarves and high elves. To get you in the mood, here's a short story that I wrote with the help of artificial intelligence, followed by the pictures.

The Moment of Decision

In the twilight of an ancient forest, two troops stood ready for battle. On one side, the dwarves, muscular and stocky, their armor glinting in the faint light of the setting sun. They were armed with heavy hammers, sharp axes, and sturdy shields, while muskets rested on their shoulders, ready to fire the first shot.

On the other side stood the high elves, tall and elegant, their movements graceful and precise. They carried long spears and intricately crafted shields adorned with the heraldry of the Sea Guard. Behind their lines, archers drew their bows, arrowheads sharp and ready to fly into the enemy.

The forest around them held its breath. A cool wind rustled through the leaves, as if nature itself sensed the tension of the imminent battle. A dwarf, the leader of his troop, raised his hand and signaled his warriors to prepare. His eyes, cold and determined, rested on the elves before him.

The high elves also formed up, their shields creating an impenetrable wall, the spears behind them glinting in the last light of the day. Their leader, an elf with long silver hair and sharp eyes, raised his hand.

For a moment, time seemed to stand still. The sounds of the forest fell silent, as if the world itself was waiting for the first strike. A spark of determination flickered in the dwarf leader's eyes, while the elf on the other side pressed his lips together, ready for what was to come.

High Elves Noble
High Elves Noble
Dwarf Warriors 
Dwarf Warriors

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