Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Starting a mob for Gorkamorka

With the new edition, 40k is slipped backwards from priority, because we still wait for the first new codices and the bigger faq with a lot of changes.

So the plan comes up to start some side projects, for which we chose some older games from GW. The start makes the game where gangs of orcs fighting each other: Gorkamorka.

I started to build a mob with some bits and a few models from the box set black reach. I also got 2 old tin grots. 

The models are a little more than needed for the start, but so I can switch and test a little bit. Also got a Trukk, but I haven't started building yet. The started painting is mostly done with contrast paint (green, brown, beige).

An other project I started is the reimagination of the Man o' War starter box, but more from that next time.

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