Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Black Templars #5 (custom decals)

I have made some custom decals for my Black Templars.
They are only the chapter heraldic crosses, but I needed some smaller ones for shoulder pads with name plates. And in the newer Space Marine kits aren’t Black Templars crosses anymore.

I have used some cheap decal paper from Amazon for laser printers, worked very well.For the handling after the printing I find the liquids from Microscale very useful, which can be simply applied with a brush.
After the printing simply apply Liquid Decal Film for the sealing on the decal paper and let it dry. Then when you apply the decals first brush some Micro Set on the miniature. Applying then works like with every normal water slide decals (put some drops water on the decal and after it loses, slide it on the prepared place on the miniature and take the access water with some paper towel).
For a better adhesion and to minimize wrinkles apply Micro Sol after.

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