Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Necron Crypt Cipher Language

I got an old Necron Monolith that I want to touch up and paint. Therefore I was looking for decals and informations about the Necron runes. However, there was hardly any information about this in the codexes. The codices did not have an alternate alphabet for the runes as in older versions of other armies (as for the Orc or Chaos runes).

So i first concentrated on the existing decals, of which there aren't a ton of different bows like the Space Marines. The most recent sheet I could find was from 2011. This is also the most extensive one and also includes all runes from older sheets.

 Necron Decals Sheet from 2011

The decals on the sheet can be roughly divided into 3 types:

  1. On the left are runes made up of circle parts and straight lines
  2. At the top right are the runes of the dynasties 
  3. Below right are simplified electrical circuits

Only the first ones are interesting for the language. The circuits (3) are only suggested lines for decoration and the dynasty runes (2) are layered symbols for the individual units, which are already described in more detail in the 8th edition Necron codex.

The circle and line runes (1) look like they contain repeating parts. When they were created, only the futuristic look was probably taken into account. but it would be nice to have an alphabet for these runes to create your own which also have a meaning.

Some rune sets with colored repeats in the pattern.

I searched a bit further and found the Cryptic Language - Crypt by Mageek. here
He started making a substitute alphabet. The characters are not exactly the same as in the decals, but the look fits very well. Since I also like the look very much, I took the characters as a basis to create vector graphics.

Crypt Cipher Alphabet

If you take the central axis, which is typical for Necron, vertical, it can look like this, for example:

Two custom rune sets (left: "Conqueror of worlds", right: "Necron crypt world") alongside two original Necron rune sets.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

New terrain (Arcanaorbis)

I have continued to paint the Seaguard and I'am about to 90% finished so it takes some more time till showing some new units.

In the meantime I start build a new piece of terrain yout of some foam and cork. Its only a flat piece of maybe difficult terrain, but looks really cool even without some colors.

A mysterious machine of old days, the Arcanaorbis... 

The Arcanaorbis in all its beauty, ready for some paint.
The Arcanaorbis with an Elf for scale (32mm base).

Monday, July 5, 2021

Elven Swordmasters/Bladelords

Started to paint some of my Elves because of the new 3. Edition from AoS.
I finished a 10 men unit of Swordmasters of Hoeth which I will use as Bladelords for the Lumineth Realm-Lords. 




Not the best pictures, but it will show some first impressions. I will make some better ones, when I have more space and better light.
Also started with the base colors on a unit of Seaguard/Spireguard, which should reinforce my Wardens later. But more from that maybe next time.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Overlord Class and Imperial Navy star fleet finished (BFG)

Finished the Overloard Class Battlecruiser. That's the last ship for the 750 points Imperial Navy start fleet.

++ Gothic Sector Fleet List, Segmentum Obscurus (Imperium) [750pts] ++

  • Overlord Class Battlecruiser [230pts]: (+1 Turret)
  • Lunar Class Cruiser [180pts]: Torpedoes
  • Dictator Class Cruiser [220pts]: Fury Fighters, Starhawk Bombers & Shark Assault Craft, Prow Torpedoes
  • Escort Squadron [120pts]: Firestorm Frigate, Firestorm Frigate, Firestorm Frigate  
Next step is the counterpart to this fleet, a 750 points Chaos fleet.

Imperial Navy start fleet

Imperial Navy start fleet

Overloard Class Battlecruiser
Overloard Class Battlecruiser
Overloard Class Battlecruiser

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Imperial Navy patrol fleet (BFG)

Finished two cruiser for the Imperial Navy fleet, one Lunar Class Cruiser and a Dictator Class Cruiser. I also made some cardboard marker for attack craft

Imperial Navy Fleet (Lunar Class and Dictator Class Cruiser accompanied by ecort frigates)

Imperial Navy Fleet (Lunar Class and Dictator Class Cruiser accompanied by ecort frigates)


Monday, January 25, 2021

Firestorm Class Frigates (BFG)

 The first ships for the two fleets are finished. 

Squadron of 3 Firestorm Class Frigates
Squadron of 3 Firestorm Class Frigates

I started to make some blast markers. I printed the marker on paper, glued them to some cardboard. I also glued protective film on the front side to protect the printing.

  Frigates with blast markers
The next ships are the Imperial Navy cruisers, which already have there base color and painted prows. Contrast paints work realy well on the ships. I used Warp Lightning for the imperial ones and Flesh Tearers Red for the chaos.

Remaining ships

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

New year, new models

It was pretty quiet around the tabletop hobby in the last few months of 2020. I planed to start with Man o' War, but has some problems with the proxy ships, so I'll put it off until later this year. 

40k is still in pause mode, because I still wait for the fist chaos codex release, so still "more" time for some projects beside that. I build and started priming the Orc Trukk for Gorkamorka, but I didn't get any more than that.

But I'm happy that I made some progress with BFG, for which I have got my hands on some printed remastered rules and also enough ships for the start of two fleets.

Imperial Navy fleet consisting of a Lunar Class Cruiser, a Dictator Class Cruiser, a Overlord Class Battlecruiser and a escort squadron with 3 Firestorm Class Frigates.

Chaos fleet consisting of a Slaughter Class Cruiser, a Devestation Class Cruiser, a Styx Class Heavy Cruiser and a escort squadron with 3 Idolator Class Raiders.

Both fleets are around 750 points, so the perfect combination for some test games. I have also primed both fleets and started so paint the imperial ships, but more from that hopeful in the not so far future.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Starting a mob for Gorkamorka

With the new edition, 40k is slipped backwards from priority, because we still wait for the first new codices and the bigger faq with a lot of changes.

So the plan comes up to start some side projects, for which we chose some older games from GW. The start makes the game where gangs of orcs fighting each other: Gorkamorka.

I started to build a mob with some bits and a few models from the box set black reach. I also got 2 old tin grots. 

The models are a little more than needed for the start, but so I can switch and test a little bit. Also got a Trukk, but I haven't started building yet. The started painting is mostly done with contrast paint (green, brown, beige).

An other project I started is the reimagination of the Man o' War starter box, but more from that next time.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Elven Archer finished

The archers are finished and battle ready.
I'm really satisfied with how they look on the round bases and in the color sheme of the Lumineth.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Elven Archers

Continued the painting of the archers.
Now they have black base edges and I started with the metal color parts aon some models.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Pointy Elves

I got the new elf box, to which I added some older high elves. The scale of the older models is ok and with the bigger bases they fit good to the new models.
The riders are not build yet, because the kit don't fit like I want (Wanted the riders seperate frome the horses, for better painting).

I've started to paint the elf archers, because I wanted to test some paints.

On the lower coat from the archer I tested some contrast paint. I still need some exercise with them, but like the mix of paint and ink.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More Starships (Stars and Steel)

I painted some more starships.
This time a micro fleet for the tabletop game Stars and Steel.
Four squadrons/commanders for the smalles battle size "Skirmish".

Was fun to paint them and its goes very fast, because of there size (Scale is 1/10.000, the bases are 20mm squares).

1/10.000 nano fleet

I also continued some chaos stuff for 40k especially because of the announcement of the new edition, but more photos next time.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

From outer space (Starships/BFG)

Haven't build and painted much from 40k miniatures in the last time, so updates for the Chaos/Death Guard will come in some next posts.

But I have started to paint some starships.
They are all 3d printed and mainly for BFG, but I wanted to use the Full Thrust rules, because the are free and include rules for designing own ships.

Painted chaos fleet: 
Grandcruiser, heavy cruiser with fighter squadrons and strike cruiser with boarding ships.

Painted Models: 
Chaos grandcruiser, chaos heavy cruiser, Black Templars strike cruiser, chaos strike cruiser and boarding ships.

All ships with a lot unpainted ships from different fleets: 
Chaos, Imperial, Space Marines and Mechanicus.